There are several reasons to stay in any hotel near BTS station. Firstly, one is able to enjoy the convenience of travelling from one place to another. There are so many places to explore in Bangkok such as temples, Thai restaurants, night markets and many more. However, the location of these places is far apart hence it is better to take public transports. The benefits of staying near the station are that one is able to save time on travelling to any stations. 

The second reason for staying at a hotel near BTS is that there is local street food such as Pad Thai, Thai Milk Tea and many more. Therefore, it is certainly very convenient to grab food for a late-night snack or a proper meal. The reason one is able to see many local Thai street foods near the station is that many locals pack food before going to work.

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In Bangkok, there are many hotels near Skytrain stations because it is able to cater to two markets which are travellers and business people. Therefore, one is able to experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city. After a long day in the hot sunny weather, it is recommended to cool down in Bangkok’s shopping centre.   

When it comes to staying hotels near Skytrain, it is certainly a nice experience because one would not get bored. Moreover, the Skytrain in Bangkok is actually a tourist attraction as it cuts through the buildings of Bangkok.

Awesome Things in Bangkok

While travelling to Bangkok, do visit the famous temples such as the reclining buddha, meditation temples, top of the hill temples and many more. If you are traveller, who likes to view the architecture building then stay at any Bangkok hotel near the temples. Some temples are located near the night market and local Thai restaurants. 

Many people know that when it comes to Bangkok it is definitely shopping at the night market Bazaar. The night market light up at night selling many items such as faked branded good, leather bag, leather wallet, leather shoes, leather belt, food, jerseys and many more. If you enjoy shopping, do stay at Bangkok hotel that is near the night market.

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Although many might have known that Thailand is famous for transgender and some tourist is worried about staying at Hotel Indigo Bangkok. The tip is that lookout for hotels that states gay-friendly hotel certified. That is because the hotel would not allow any form of gay activities to be performed in the hotel.

Get a Feel of Thailand’s Boutique Hotel

The reason for staying in a boutique hotel is because of the decoration that the hotel owner put on the hotel such as wooden elephants, buddha wall frame and many more. Moreover, the hotels are much cheaper compared to chain hotel hence one is able to spend more money on the trip to Thailand

Some tourist finds that staying in a hotel is just for the night hence does not need to stay at expensive rooms. The boutique hotel in Bangkok is clean, nice, service friendly and many more. Moreover, most of the hotel is already certified as a gay-friendly hotel. 

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The Taste of Thailand Famous Food

Do head down to any Bangkok restaurant to taste the most authentic Thai food such as Tom Yam, Pad Thai, Som Tum and many more. The famous drink of Thailand is the Thai milk tea that most Bangkok restaurant offer in different flavours such as original, green tea and many more.

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