Travelling to Thailand is one of the fun things you can do including staying hotel near night market bazaar. If you are visiting Chiang Mai, you would like to spend quality time at the various market such as the night bazaar and weekend walking street markets.

There are countless of handmade goods on display by the vendors, from jewellery and hand-painted pottery to silk scarves and silver serving vessels along with the hotel near night market bazaar.

Make sure that you have filled yourself with a dizzying array of Chiang Mai delicacies before you start to shop. Continue to read on if you would like to know what are the must-buy items including the premium stay in Chiang Mai.

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First and foremost, silverware is on the top of the list. As there are some of the best silversmiths available in hotel Chiang Mai, you would like to purchase one of these traditional silvers as souvenirs.

From silver bowls, serving trays to the jewelry of all kinds. You can find a variety of options on the weekend walking street market.

One tip for you in order to keep the silver goods clean put them in vinegar and fresh milk for a good five to ten minutes. Out of milk, you can use lemon juice or tamarind juice as a substitute to make them shine again.

Next on the list, there is hill tribe clothing. As many hill tribe village is located near hotel Chiang Mai, the traditional clothing from the villages has become so popular that it has become a visitor must buy.

It is one of the most unique handmade items that you could possibly get. Make sure that you are handwashing them instead of using a machine to wash them.

What You Should Do When You Are in Chiang Mai

Food and Drinks in The Area

Northern Thailand is famous for many delicacies that could represent Thailand. But its greatest food and export has to be Khao Soi. It is a dish that is base with coconut and curry-flavored soup filled with yellow eggs and chicken.

Sitting on top of the soup are crispy fried egg noodles that give a real mix of texture for the dish. You will be served with a small plate of red onions that are chopped, mustard and lime.

Tourists should definitely take a boat trip on the Mae Ping river as well. If you are a person that delight the beauty of nature, the two-hour boat trip along the way is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

As you will get to watch the scenery along with the river changes, along the way there are many beautiful traditional teak houses as well as a lot of rural greenery along the wat.

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Adventurous Grand Canyon

The old soil quarries this place is still very much unknown to the travelers, there is a huge canyon that is filled with water and has the most staggering views near the accommodation in Chiang Mai.

The Grand Canyon itself is very deep and the water filling it is the rainwater that is forty meters deep. There is also a nice restaurant for a stop for a drink before the start of the adventure.

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Visit the Ancient Tribe

When you are looking for the best stay in Chiang Mai, remember to visit the long neck Karen tribe. It is a tribal group who are originally Myanmar. The visits to the villages are enlightening experience as you will get to see the tribal people going about their everyday life.

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