Are your planning to enjoy an unforgettable happy hour KL with your friend after a whole day working? Then the following things that will be mention may delight you. Happy hour could be mean a very wonderful time for a mature person. To have a best happy hour Kuala Lumpur with your friend there are so many things you should acknowledge before you decide the plan.

The most exciting part that makes people like to hang-out after working hours for the happy hour is because of the happy hour promotion. This can be your best opportunity to have a rocking happy hour. So, what you should look for when you planning for a happy hour date in KL. It should be included with few elements, which is the drinks and food, entertainment, or the great vibe. To make the experience to another level, here are some of the best deals you should acknowledge.

best cafe in kuala lumpur

Food & Drinks Happy Hour Promotion

During the happy hour promotion, you find out that there are so many restaurants and bar which is surround your living area may offer a lot of attractive deals. These places could be a very good spot to hang-out in KL with your buddy.

One of the best choices is you can try to pick an Italian restaurant in KL and check their availability during the weekend. You also need to enquire their staff what the deal they may offer you if you make the reservation one week advance.

There are some of the restaurants will offer some special discount or promotion to the customer if they book one week advance. Try to search the Italian restaurant near KLCC, the Italian restaurant that located in that area usually will offer an exceptional promotion to the local and foreigner, because the area is the tourist attraction spot.

Aside from enjoying a fine dining in the restaurant, you can also get a  very cheap beer in Kuala Lumpur during happy hour weekend. A lot of rooftop bar or the bar and bistro will offer a half-price promotion of the beer to their customers.  Getting a very cheap beer together have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sky view of the city, what a fantastic experience!

best cafe in kl

Have a drink but stick to coffee

If you and your buddy are not the alcohol lover, then you also can try to enjoy the scent of caffeine in the best café in KL during the happy hour. Spending your weekend evening together with your friend in a nice café in KL could be so mean as well.

Finding a café that filled with great vibes and environment, have a little small talk with your best friend can be enjoyable. A lot of cafés that within the KL area usually will only close their door at midnight. So, this place could be a very relaxing place for you to have a peaceful moment after a week of working.

italian restaurant kuala lumpur

Happy shopping

If you are feeling very tired, and less initiative to hang-out with your friend during the weekend night, then you also can enjoy the deal of happy hour by staying at home. There are a lot of online shops that will especially offer the period promotion to the user. You will get a lot of great offer price from online shopping during the best buy Malaysia happy hour period.

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