If you want a solo trip and quite unsure where to go, Pattaya city has so much more to offer you even you dint bring any buddy!

Pattaya is known for its varied nightlife and picturesque beaches. There are a lot of Pattaya beach resorts, and you can enjoy a beach holiday in this city.

Pattaya is considered a small city so that walking can get you most places. A solo trip in Pattaya can let you explore the culture and enjoy the scenery of breath-taking coastline without any distractions. As you can have a bbq seafood buffet Pattaya with just yourself, you can have barbecued seafood as much as you can.

best italian restaurant in pattaya

1. Best Seafood Trip In Pattaya

Don’t know what to eat in Pattaya? Many of the best seafood restaurants in Pattaya will show you exactly how fresh their ingredients are. You can always try on traditional Thai food with spicy-sour sauces. Some of the restaurants offer beautiful views of the sunset while you are enjoying the delicious Thai style seafood buffet.

A bbq seafood buffet Pattaya is giving you a mix of grilled fresh seafood and a choice of dipping sauces such as sweet-sour sauce, spicy ginger sauce and lime sauces. In Pattaya, there are a lot of restaurants could give you excellent local cuisine at low prices. Therefore it is encouraging you to have food tours in this city.

2. Make Friends Around At Anyplace Anywhere

Maybe you will feel somewhat strange being alone at a tropical paradise surrounded by families or couples in Pattaya, but since Pattaya is known because of its nightlife, therefore you may have a chat at the bar or maybe at the romantic best beach hotel.

best italian restaurant pattaya

There are different ways to get your social needs met. You can meet fellow visitors when you plan to have a seafood buffet at a restaurant. You can talk about the food, and maybe you all can join as one group tour as well!

3. Keep You Valuable Belongings In Your Room If Possible 

It is not encouraging you to leave precious valuable on the beach when you want to go in the water. You may ask the receptionist of the Holiday Inn Pattaya hotel to help you to keep it safe as well. Be careful around the red-light restrict areas because of the ladyboy there may take your wallet while giving you a friendly bear hug.

4. Engage With Other People Through Water Sport Activities

Water sports are perfect for you to spend your time as the game is always a high chance to get to know new people. You can try all the water activities when you are staying at a Pattaya beach resort as they may offer you various water sports packages.

Moreover, you will have a good time when you visit water theme parks in Pattaya. You don’t have to worry about the safety issue as the waterparks will give you the same fun as water sport activities but in a more controlled environment. 

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5. Visit Unique Landmarks And Take A Nice Photo

Since you travel alone, then you can have great views of the Pattaya city. There are many terminal 21 hotels and walking from all these hotels can get you most places.

Renting a bike yourself or walking by yourself can let you enjoy the stunning view of the city with more relaxing way if you are staying in the best beach hotel.

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