What makes the best hotels in Malaysia? The bed, food, service? Or private butlers, private pools, chauffeurs and personal shoppers? Everyone has their own standard when it comes to a luxurious stay in KL, here are some of the benefits that only a 5-star hotel is able to provide:

First of all, hotel Kuala Lumpur provides a chauffeur check-in, it offers transfer for the guest that reach the airport. It is usually a private airport transfer and picks up, unlike others who provide a share buggy service or bus services. The best thing is that no matter how early or late it is, there will always be someone who can service you.

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Additionally, the chauffer checks in could settle every need of the guest inside the car. They’d bring a portable scanner and require documents just to make sure you can walk straight to the room and rest after you reach the hotel.

A smartphone is given to the guest as well. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, a smartphone. Why? As the sort is full of guests that require hotel buggies to transfer them here and there, a dedicated hotel smartphone can save the hassle of communication.

The smartphone is also keyed with the number of personal butlers so the guest can make a call right away to get what they want. Moreover, the number of restaurants, spa, sauna, and other amenities are stored as well.

5 star hotel has a minibar that allows the guest to pre-check in what they would like. Any personal preference such as the choice of drinks will be satisfied. Or if the guest has any dietary requirements that require to make a dash to the local store, the personal butler could do so.

Every hotel should give complimentary WiFi that is fast and stable, as many professionals are working at the building. The last thing they want is customers leaving bad reviews because of bad internet connection.

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Exceptional Dining Experience

Missed your breakfast buffet because you sleep late? No worries, 5 star hotel allow guests to have late breakfast time up till 2 pm. Some 5 star hotel even don’t have a timeframe for their breakfast as well. So that guests can enjoy it whenever they want.

The hotel buffet in Kuala Lumpur usually has a nice setting that comes with a good view.  Guest can enjoy their food with their loved ones in a good mood.

Also, the hotel buffet dinner promotion is often offered to the guest. As 5 star hotel wants the guest to get everything they need with convenience.

Many hotels have Japanese dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, as the vast majority of Malaysians love Japanese cuisine. It varies from a Japanese buffet, Japanese dinner, and dessert.

Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are often jam-packed. Hence, many 5-star hotels have their own chef and restaurant to provide quality Chinese cuisine for them to taste. Make reservation now!

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Special Occasions

If you plan to have your life’s biggest day to occur at the hotel, wedding hotel packages Kuala Lumpur could be your solution. These packages provide everything you need from the dining to the decoration and rooms.

Multiple wedding hotel package price is offered as the hotel understand that every guest budget is different. Assuming that the guest has specific needs, the hotel will fulfil it as well.

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