Are you one of the people that loves to dive into Italian cuisine and its culture? But you don’t know where to start as the history over the dishes are so dense that there is no place beginning to pick up. You should read this article to learn more about the Italian course structure during the rooftop restaurant.

Italian food can be hearty and soul-filling thanks to its various cooking tradition that exist through time and the large geographic area. Fear not as many rooftop concept bar KL also serves Italian food concept food restaurant now.

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There are many Italian restaurant Kuala Lumpur that serves authentic cuisines.  Some are even operating for decades ago. Which mean the recipes and food they are helping to you are developed and improvised for a decade.

You may find ordering at the cocktail bar KL can be intimating. The first thought will be, how should I start? Here is a breakdown of different components of the traditional Italian menu.

Antipasto – “Before The Meal”

Don’t be scare of the word, it is actually the appetizer you had at the bar near KLCC. The menu usually features short and few choices. For instance, a cheese plate or a meat plate for sharing. There may also be marinated olives and fruits as they are one of the favourites by the Italians.

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Primo – Get Your Spaghetti Here

If you are a pasta person at fine dining in Kuala Lumpur, you can find different types of pasta on the primo menu.

There are over a hundred shapes and forms of pasta for you to choose from happy hour promotion. Which is same as the recipe. This menu aims to satisfy the guest hunger and prepare them for the main dinner.

Carbonara style spaghetti is what you can get everywhere, including happy hour KL. But trust the word as the food taste the best when you have it at the birthplace.

Couples definitely should indulge himself or herself with the traditional Italian dishes, which mainly is pasta and Pizza served at candlelight dinner.

As there are literally a hundred types of pasta at the best place for candle light dinner, there are different type of pasta dishes to be served in different parts of Italy.

The lasagna you are having now at romantic dinner is probably filled with a tomato sauce base. But the people in the past in the past had it different. Which is perhaps with cheese sauce. For the reason that it can be jarring for most people.

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Secondo for Meat Lovers

Protein choices are what you can find in the third menu offered on the table at romantic dining places in KL. This menu is actually the main course without vegetables. So you won’t be full even after tasting dishes served here.

Book out event space Kuala Lumpur during the end of the year as some chef will demonstrate cooking this dish in KL. You should definitely prepare in advance for such grant dinner.

One of the best dishes belongs to Fiorentina steak, which the cut of meat are from a specific cow being fed with distinct and unique feed within KL nightlife.

Contorno For the Men

Do you like side dishes? Often find them so good compare to the main deli meats? Contorno serves relatively simple dishes with vegetables that are cook in a different method.

Dolce Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Ladies always highlight how much they love Italians desserts. Typical desserts include tiramisu, gelato and sorbet.

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